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We are being watched

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2. You are being watched How would the people of the country feel if they were monitored 24 hours a day? They would feel uneasy, watching them eat, watching them talk to their friend, watching them at school and watching them shopping. No one would feel comfortable. People would be scared of doing anything, and they would only think about the cameras, which watches us all day long. What is the difference between a prison and this? In prison the guards are watching you all day long, and in Britain the cameras. Not that I do not want cameras, I do it helps a lot. But I do not tolerate being watched all day long, watching me doing even the small things like going shopping. I feel unsafe, I feel like I am in prison. Cameras are helping us a lot. By finding the thieves who robbed a store, or people getting caught doing something they should not. But really having cameras all over the place is just pure madness. I would think “oh they put cameras everywhere, so they do not even believe their own people” I feel like we are in a box, being watched all day. Who are you that watches my private life, who gave you the right to watch how my life is going. Do we not deserve our private life?. I thought we had freedom, I thought we did not need to be monitored 24 hours a day. I thought I could walk by a shop without being monitored, without having the feeling of being watched by some people I do not even know. “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear” how should we not fear when we are being watched all day long? Like I said before, I do not think we should remove all the cameras we still need some to keep our country safe, but let us just remove some, so even we the country’s people have some freedom. I admit we cannot live without cameras, because as soon as all the cameras are removed what would happen to the country? People who intend to hurt people, will come out to the light. Why? Because if the cameras are removed who are to find these people? The camera still keeps us save from harm’s way. They help maintain order. If a shop gets robbed, what does the police first do? Watch the camera and find out the face of the thief that robbed the shop, and there after they look at the cameras outside the shop to watch where he would have gone. If something happens in the streets like gang fights, the police could see the gang members and would stop them and arrest them before any harm happens to us. But having too much of them is not good at all. We should have cameras but we should also have our private life. we should not feel uneasy walking down the streets, but we should also feel safe.

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