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Fast food and healthy eating

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(400 ord) Personally, I really don’t care much about what food I consume, because I don’t see any noticeable differences in terms of freshness, or just general happiness, which are the perks I relate the most to eating healthy. For dinner, i pretty much always just eat what my parents serve, which is usually a quality meal with a good amount of vegetables. In the morning there's almost never enough time for me to actually think too much about what to eat, so I just grab something quick, but even if I had the time, I still really wouldn’t care much. And for lunch, I’m obviously in school, so I either eat like a sandwich and some yogurt, I brought with me from home, or I buy some from Conni’s shop. Doesn’t get much better than that. My fast to healthy food ratio is not very optimal. I’m eating a lot of chips for after-school snacks, but to be honest, It’s not that bad with fast food restaurants like McDonald's, because there's none of those in my town, and that’s probably for the good. If my parents buy healthy snacks like grapes or something, I’ll definitely eat that instead of chips, but if I’m buying myself, I’m leaning more to the unhealthy side of things. I don’t feel like I’m different from others my age though. I’m pretty sure most teenagers eat a little unhealthy, even though they probably know that It’s not good for them. I’m not speaking for every teenager out there though. There are also many teens who eat more healthy because they want to be more fit or just look like it. Insecurity is kind of a big problem amongst teens because everyone cares a lot about being popular among others, so they can be at the top of the hierarchy. That’s why some teens want to be fit and look healthy so they can be accepted by others and themselves. If you’re here because you want to begin eating healthier, then I’d suggest getting a job, because you’re going to need some series capital to afford healthy food, cause that can get kind of expensive. Even worse if you’re up for the whole package, cause gym memberships aren’t cheap either. From there you just gotta push yourself and find something that motivates you. Maybe the thought of how good you’ll feel when you reach your goal

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