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Dear Uncle Paul! I just got home from the airport, from a very fun time in London. I was there with my best friend Louis, and last weekend we were at the FA cup final at Wembley Stadium between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. Tottenham is my favorite team in the UK and of course, they won the game! There were so many goals and the match ended 5-1 to Tottenham. Premier League is not finished yet but I believe there's a very good chance that Tottenham can pull a double off. No matter what I’ll always cheer for them! The environment was so good at the stadium, we ate lots of hotdogs and drank beer. Real football food. Yea, we had a pretty fun time at the stadium. At the event, I met this very weird person. He was staring at me and Louis the whole first half of the game but in the half time break, he came over to us and start talking to us. He thought it was very weird that we didn’t know him or asked him for a photo. Then I started to realize that I knew that face from somewhere. I’ve seen that face before. I suddenly realized it was Tom Cruise who sat with us and talked to us. I don’t know why in life I didn’t see it was him. I just think everyone was so caught up by the game. Then we started talking about how good the game was and it turns out that Tom Cruise is actually a Tottenham fan as well. I loved that moment so much when he told me and Louis. He decided to stay with us for the rest of the match, and he also started talking about his new movie coming called “American Made” which was about him, drug smuggling for Pablo Escobar. I want to watch that movie. I love that person! The rest of the week Louis and I just chilled in London and visited a lot of pubs were we had a beer or two at each pub. Anyway, British culture is so cool with all the pubs and football and just all the people living here, they are so nice to talk to. I’ll never forget this trip, especially not the FA cup final and the fact that I actually met Tom Cruise at the game. What a trip! Thank you very much for the tickets and your kindness of letting me experience British culture. Thank you so much. Sincerely yours, (Your name)

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