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Uploadet: 18/10/2015
Klassetrin:10. klasse
Skolenavn:Dronninglund skole
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Dear Hannah Montana. At is my a honor to invite you to Vester Hassing first children's festival in 2002. The festival is named “fun with you”. It will be a day for local children. The children will be dressed up, we have a team, and that is “Walt Disney”, we think that is a good team because everyone love disney movies adults too. The committee in our local community has planned a festival during a weekend in Vester Hassing. I suppose that the bulk of the residents joyfully will participate. It would be beneficial to get to know each other better, as we think it is important for a great community to treat each other. Statistically, when someone does not know their neighbor, they do not seem to care very much about the way they treat them; which sadly has shown to affect Vester Hassing in a miserable way. If all citizens know each other well, there will be better security in our city, and then there will be more to the city because people hear it's a lovely city, als vester hassing is. We believe that there will be people from the neighboring towns. The program is not planned yet, but we have an idea to what will occur. The children and their parents may met op on the fountain Square after that we need to go around in the city, which is not scheduled yet. there will be a some small competitions in teams along the way. In the end there will be held a concert. the festival will be held over 2 days. Day two will be awarded a winning team. We think that if the children understanding one another well know, it might prevent bullying in the future, it is very important for everyone in town that we have a good environment for children. we have invited you because, the children in Vester Hassing Hannah Montana is the biggest things in today and we will gladly make a good festival for the children . we think the children will be very happy, because you are a moviestar and the children ever have see a movie star in reality. In Vester Hassing have we reality big support from the children. The children get joy from you come and singing too the children. we will be reality happy if indeed you have time to singing too the children. we now the children will have a time of the life. We are hoping that you are willing to mention the festival in the newspaper, by way of the fact that we are almost going down on our knees, begging you to help us spreading the word. Furthermore we are looking forward to see you at the vester hassing children Festival! Sincerely, Camilla Mathilde, member of the festival committee.

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