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Is immigration good Britain?

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Hello everyone my name is Vinh Le, and I am a student at the London School of Economics and Political Science. At first I will briefly present today’s subject for you, “Britain’s immigration situation”. Primarily I will be talking about economic, social, cultural and political aspects of UK immigration. One of the buzzword at the moment is “immigration”; immigration is a phenomenon, which encompass people who travel abroad. Well, we all know that Britain used to be the biggest colonial Empire, which means that UK is a multiculturalism society. But now, now everything has changed drastically and the emerging situation is worsening more than before! According to statistics the number of immigrants has increased tremendously not only in the UK but also in Europe as well. The statistics show that net immigration has surged by 78,000 in the past year to 260,000 a quite large figure above 244,000 in 2010. This uncontrolled amount of immigration has made it tough to maintain social cohesion, lays an enormous pressure on public services and forces down wages. Though we can see the increasing number but why do we still let them in when we clearly have reforms about lowering the immigration level?

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