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Comprehension and verbal skills: 1. Read the article and watch both videos. 2. Based on the article and videos, give a short audio/video presentation in which you explain the following: a. How is a vaccine created? They start with taking the DNA grouping that they got from china. At that point medium-term they plan an immunization and afterward they go to the plasmid producing lab. They take the DNA medication, the plasmid and add it to the microscopic organisms. The following stage is to cleanse the DNA from the microscopic organisms. What's more, that can give them an immunization they can test. b. How close are we to creating a vaccine for coronavirus? A few people have just made an immunization, yet it's a long procedure to contact all individuals. They need also test it on creatures or people. There are 4 stages to make an antibody. It is a long procedure, yet they must ensure that it's safe for all ages to utilize. In the video they said that they could make an immunization in record time. In any case, we should recollect that it is yet a long procedure. c. What can we do while we wait for a vaccine? Remain at home and follow simple advances. For example, wash your hands, utilize a tissue for hacks and abstain from contacting your face. We should recollect that it is an infection and a few people with the crown infection don't show manifestations. Remain at home for others wellbeing. It's a hard time for everybody, except we have to follow this to get however it together. d. What is the difference between an endemic, an epidemic, and a pandemic? Endemic is a malady that is found around specific individuals or in a specific city or region. Pandemic is only a plague that has a scale that crosses worldwide fringes and can be anyplace on the planet simultaneously. Pandemic is something that can happen seasons. It will influence a greater number of individuals than an endemic. In this way, the scale is something as enormous number of network or locale simultaneously. Grammar skills: 1. Fill out the chart focusing on the highlighted sentences from the following excerpt from the article: Coronavirus is spreading the world over and the UK government is planning for a major ascent in cases. There is currently no vaccine available to protect people against the disease. But when could that change? When will there be a coronavirus vaccine? Scientists have created antibodies and are beginning to test them on creatures and individuals. On the off chance that that works out positively there could be human preliminaries later in the year. Be that as it may, regardless of whether researchers can celebrate having built up an immunization before 2021, there is as yet the monstrous activity of having the option to mass-produce it. That is to say, all things considered, one would not be prepared until in any event the center of one year from now. The entirety of this is going on a phenomenal timescale and utilizing new ways to deal with immunizations, so there are no ensures everything will go easily. Recollect there are four coronaviruses that as of now flow in people. They cause the regular cold, and we don't have antibodies for any of them

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