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Fag: Engelsk
Uploadet: 10/11/2014
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Dear Lars I'm really happy to see you will come and visit me and my family in Copenhagen. I'm really looking forward to seeing your family. When in arriving at Copenhagen, I have arranged for a driver who will pick you up and drive you home to me! I have a lot of good things in mind and a lot of interesting things that I would love to show you and who probably knows ... But probably not experienced before. I'm going to show you the mermaid, which is a very important part of Danish culture and after that we should go for a walk in the city, there are a lot of clothing stores, a lot of good restaurants and a lot of fun people who dress out. The day after I intend that we should go to Tivoli. Tivoli Gardens is a park where you can try a lot of carousels that then I always go with family or friends in my holiday. I really love being in the amusement park, it's fun and you really can’t be mad, so we should definitely go ... and so I have a little challenge for you Lars ... I have found a fine restaurant in Tivoli, called the range, there are a lot of lovely Danish food, such as roast pork with gravy and potatoes and a nice pint to your father.

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