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Fantastic tales

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The year is 1955. My grandmother has just got pregnant with her fourth child within a period on four years. She is tired. If only her father would had paid for the education at the home economics school, as she readily had wanted. But the answer was no. One of her older sisters was about to obtain an education, that was expensive enough! She cannot be bothered with a child more. Goes to see the consultant doctor of the towns small hospital, he is said to perform illegal abortions. He refuses on the grounds that she is happy for her three children and will also be it for a fourth. The tiredness becomes depression. Deep depression. She becomes more and more damaged and my grandfather is very worried for her. At last he sees no other way out than to perform the abort, which she has begged him for in several weeks. It becomes late evening, the three little is put to bed. They black outs the kitchen window and locks the door. She lay herself arrange on the kitchen counter and he dips the tool which ordinarily be used for washing of clothes – a type of whisk – in boiling water. Now everything is ready and my grandfather stands bent over my grandmother … CRASH!

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Fantastic tales

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