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Fag: Engelsk
Uploadet: 03/05/2018
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Running in the light Made by: It was Friday, Gary just got off from school at 3 o'clock, he was going home to his dad this weekend. Gary's parents were divorced and lived in separate cities not long away from the school. Gary was happy he had planned to come over to one of his friends named Julius the whole weekend, because his parents were leaving for the weekend. Gary had to hurry a little, Julius lived a few miles away and he was invited to 6 o'clock and he still had to pack his back and walk all the way over there. Gary came home, his dad wasn’t home he was always coming home late because of work so Gary didn’t have any chance of getting a drive. Gary began walking it was already beginning to get a little dark outside because it was winter, Gary took the shortest route over to Julius. He walked through a forest that was very dark, he began to get a little nervous, heard footsteps behind him and they got louder and louder, Gary began running he saw the light straight forward he ran faster and faster and the footsteps got louder and louder and then he couldn’t see anything, it was so bright. When he opened his eyes again he wasn’t at the same place, the only thing he saw was big mountains all the way around him, they were so tall that he couldn’t see the top. After a while not knowing what to do a fairy came down to him and told him that he would have to free the King. Zorio held the king hostage and he had taken all the power that the king used to have. Zorio has planned to destroy the fantasy world and the real world at the same time by loading up a crystal with all the king's power. Gary was shocked hearing that, he didn’t expect that he would have to spend his Friday on such a stupid thing, but he had to, he couldn't go back to the real world otherwise. So, Gary began following the map that the fairy gave him along with a sword, he had to walk through a tunnel that was guarded by 2 ogres on each side of the tunnel, so he had to find something that could distract them, he went to find a stone so he could throw it at something, so it would make a loud noise that would make the guards walk over and take a look and he could run through while they wouldn’t be there. He threw the stone over at a tree, both the guards went to look, and Gary sprinted into the tunnel without being seen. Gary rushed through the tunnel and forgot all about the guards and just ran out on the other side. Gary heard someone screaming at him, he looked back to see who it was and saw that they were running after him, Gary got scared and began to run very fast over to the building Zorio lived in. Gary snuck into the big building surrounded by very big mountains, he went up the stairs where he could hear Zorio. Gary peeked around the corner of the doorframe, he saw a very small man that had a weird green with a flicker of blue, Gary wasn’t really scared so he snuck up to Zorio and saw the king sitting in a cell that was very dirty and disgusting. Gary took his sword up from his sword holder very carefully so Zorio wouldn’t hear it, Gary stood 2 feet away from him and had his sword ready, he rushed him and stabbed him in the back, so you could see the sword out of his stomach. The fairy that he met earlier came down to him and said "congrats you have passed the test now you can go back to the real world, thanks for your help" Garry came back to the forest he was at before he came into the other dimension and looked was very confused and decided to go home.

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