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A strange country?

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3. A strange country? Dear Jack I write this letter to describe the everyday life here in Denmark, so you will know how it is to live here before you come visit. I live in a school for young people in the ages between 14 and 18. It’s called efterskole, translated directly to: afterschool. It’s a school we can go to after public school. Most people choose to live in an efterskole, to get a more relaxing year before they start an upper secondary education. Also, to get away from their parents, to get friends or to create a strong community. When you come to Denmark, you must know that we use bicycles a lot. I sometimes wonder if some cyclists think they’re cars. They drive extremely fast and some studies has even shown that it’s 10 times more dangerous to ride your bike than to take your car to work. Of course, it’s better for the environment and healthier for your wellbeing, but because they drive so fast and sometimes behind a car, on the road it’s quite dangerous. It’s not Halloween, but Fastelavn. We beat the cat out of a barrel every year in February. It’s a Nordic feast but originally from the old Rome. It’s almost like Halloween, but it’s not in the evening and the children beat a barrel with a bat to get the candy out. We also eat buns with cream inside and they’re so delicious, you should try one when you get here. Smørrebrød. Instead of some white bread in a sandwich, we eat open sandwiches with dark bread called rye bread. And that’s what most of the children gets in their lunchboxes every morning. Often with leverpostej, a sort of pâté. If you’re looking for something to do in your free time, then I think you should consider taking a trip to Tivoli. It’s an amusement park in Copenhagen. I think it represents Denmark, there’s even a roller coaster where you “fly” in a suitcase around in a house to find dolls waving with dresses and costumes, that characterize the many stories of H.C. Andersen. The park is 174 years old and is known for being the second-oldest amusement park in the whole world.

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