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Skribentens beskrivelse af Thirteen
“Thirteen” 1. Thirteen-year-old Tracy is a straight A student. Her mother is divorced. She struggles to keep it together. She works as hairdresser. At her school in Los Angeles. She wants to be one of the popular girls. Her mother buys Tracy new clothing items from a discount seller in a van. It was not that Tracy wanted. So she invited Evie to go shopping. Evie is one of the most popular girls in the school. Although Evie gives her a disconnected telephone number, Tracy takes a bus to the shopping place anyway, where she finds Evie and a friend stealing from the shop. Tracy later steals a woman's wallet while she is distracted and the girls go on a shopping spree. Tracy and Evie become best friends. Tracy and Evie begins to do really stupid things together. 2. In Tracy’s high school it’s like so many other high schools, popularity plays a big role I the daily days. Tracy want to be one of the popular girls. Tracy leaves her friends so she can become one of the popular girls. I don’t think that’s okay, you should appreciate what you got. 3. Tracy belongs to the lower social class. Her mother works as a hair dresser in their home. She doesn’t make many monies on it. They are poor but they have learned to deal with it. She goes to a normal, standard school. In the start of the film she has “normal friends” from the school, but later in the movie she become friends with Evie. Evie does bad things. She steals, she does drugs and she sells drugs. Tracy changes the way she does because she is hanging with the wrong kind of people, and her mother doesn’t intervene. The mother helps people to much, and that effects the whole family. She doesn’t get as many money as she should because she cuts friends for free. The mother and boyfriend has both been a drug addict, that is NOT good for the family, maybe they could fall back to their bad habits together. The little family cannot afford that. 4. I think that Evie acts the way she does because she does not have parents. She has her aunt to look out for her. No one really cares about her, she doesn’t know what is right and what is not. I don’t she ever will get on the right track, so maybe she gets caught doing something illegal by the police. Maybe she need to spend some time in a prison.

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