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Uploadet: 30/10/2011
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Skribentens beskrivelse af Drakulas genopstand
For many many years ago in Transylvalien lived a strange creature in an old castle. He was known throughout town as the vampire Dracula, because he often visited the young girls and sucked the blood out of small holes he made in the neck with his sharp fangs. The people in town had often tried to stop him but he was not like killing. Dracula, who had lived all alone in his castle for 300 years, was bored a lot and would like to soon have someone to talk and hunt with. He had on his trips into town and his visit to the young girls, found a certain girl he thought was cute. One night after he had drunk the blood of a man who went home late from the tavern, he flew (as a bat) past a house where he had been before. In one of the windows on the first floor he saw a figure of a young beautiful girl. "Nothing should be" he thought "she must be mine forever." But he did not do anything with her that evening. He was well fed by the blood he had drunk not long before. Actually, he did not really need the blood, he could go many days without getting anything, but so were his forces not many. She deserved that he waited.

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