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Uploadet: 12/02/2016
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My first week at the new school was amazing! I already got extreamly good at they language, i got me alot of new friends. I applied to the football team yesterday, i allways wanted to play as a linebacker in Amarica. So i just got a mail from the coach, and he acceptet my application. The other players just call him coach big, and hes not a big guy... At the first i thought that it would be defficult to get in to a new class in a new country, but it wasen't as hard as i thought. Everyone knew me and liket me, i was the new guy in town. The environment is not that god as in Denmark, but the trmpature is way better in USA. There is a lot of papir and trash all around, they are not that got to pick it up after them. I think the school here is better then in Denmark, because i just have a better felling about it. I better like the times in school here, then i got one hour more to prepare me for school. It's a little bit different to be here because there are 4-5 times more black people then there are in Denmark. I miss Denmark and all my old friends and the school a little, but i'm skyping and trying to keep the contact up whit my friends in Denmark. But its time for me to go to bed. But god luck whit everything back home. i miss you. Peace out.

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