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A story to be told

Fag: Engelsk
Uploadet: 01/11/2016
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Skribentens beskrivelse af A story to be told
Once upon a time, there was a hobbit. He lived in the tunnel house on his own. No wife, no children. Actually he was very lonely, and sad. He was feared by many people, because he looked scary, but all he needed was a friend. His parents left him when he was five years old and he did not have any siblings. So he have been living on his own ever since. His parents had lived in the tunnel house for a very long time so he didn’t understand why they left. But one day he were out in the woods to get some tree for his fireplace. But then he discovered something behind a tree, it was a sort of person, but not quite. Then he realized, that he have seen the woman before, but he could not remember where. But then! For Gods sake, it was his mother, he went towards her, and she saw him but did not know it was him, because he was all grown up now. When he was beside her, she asked ‘’can I help you?’’ ‘’mother, its me, Jonathan’’. ‘’oh my God, is it really you my son?’’ ‘’where have you been, ive missed you so much’’ ‘’I thougt you were gone… I came back to check if you were still here and if you’re okay’’ ‘’I am, come see the house’’ and so they went to the tunnel house, nothing had changed from the time they left.

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