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Fag: Engelsk
Uploadet: 13/05/2020
Klassetrin:8. klasse
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Skribentens beskrivelse af Burnng love
Describe Joe and his group of friends. joe has a group of friends of four people Big Y, KW, Bill and Jim at this year's first school party the boys 1 tme followers came to wait for each other. why don’t the boys who have girlfriends go to their girlfriends when they get there? would you do the same or something different? the boys who have girlfriends, don't go to their girlfriend,because they would most likely wait till there was a slow song. why did Sally broke up with Joe? Sally Breaks up with joe because she found someone new she wrote that they were now 16 and they should start dating others Describe Emily. Is there something special about her? Joe, describes Emily as very pretty, she had long dark hair, bg blue eyes and a smooth skin.. She also wore a different dress than the other girls. Joe thinks it's old-fashion Emily is a new face at the dance. How do young people act toward new pupils in school? i would be sweet and talk with the new pupils at school what did the old woman told joe? Joe asked an old lady if Emily was at home too she replied that no one lived there named emly in that house. Have you ever heard the same ghost story, the one that joe had heard? no i have never heard a ghost story. Tell something about Blake Evans. Blake Evans is a murderer who killed Emily. He was caught by the police long ago, and was hanged. He said that he would get his revenge and ruin the heart of this town. Have you ever heard a story someone told to try to scare you? yes, t was a story about a family that moved no ther aunt house and then they saw a jinn what did Joe do after he heard the story about Blake and Emily? he thought that his friend was make a prank on him who told Joe about the party? And what did he tell about it? his former girlfriend sally told him about the party at first he didn't want to attending the party What does Emily tell Joe when she comes to him? She asked Joe not to be afraid of him. She also told him that he had brought her peace all this time. How does joe feel about going to the party? when he thought about emily he was scared and when he thought about sally and her boyfriend he was bored. Describe the scene at the party. the party was full of youngsters that had a great time. How do the youngsters escape from the fire? joe found a secret trap door Why do you think Emily was able to force into the party? I think that because Blake Evans murdered Emily, they made a special connection to each other. Not romantically, but I think that they're somehow linked. Have you ever been grounded? yes, when was little

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