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Equality I do not know how to start, so I just jump into it. In the world we live these days there is not much equality, and I also think that is okay to a certain extent. Try to imagine a world where everything was right, a world where tastes the same, where sausage and candy tasted just right and where all people were just beautiful. It would not be a world that gave humanity! There are just some things to taste different, and there are just some people who are Going to be uglier than others. And that's how it should be. According to the Bible I believe in, we are all created different and we must accept that. But that does not mean we have to treat each other differently, we are all created different, but just because we are different, we should not show hatred to those who are different from ourselves. One of the places in the Bible where it is said that we should show love and equality to each other is the place where we hear about charity. We must treat our next, as we want them to treat us. We are a people who have begun to look at what others are doing wrong and not what we ourselves do wrong, but what is ultimately wrong can we correct by just looking inward instead of looking outward and judging others. We must see what we ourselves do wrong and help others. There was also a period in my life where I experienced equality in a bad way. It was in the lower grads here I was bullied because I was not good enough, I was not nice enough and I was not cool enough. I stayed outside and was one of the bottoms of the "stupid boys”. It was a hard time where it was difficult in school and socially. When I got older I kept fighting to be one of the cool kids and it was not easy because I sometimes had to change personality because I did not agree with the others in the class. But now I have learned that I must be myself and not let others judge me. If we look at Martin Luther king hen he really has done something that we need to stretch to do. He set aside himself to make the world more like creating equality between black and white people. And he almost success. Today in the world we live today we almost judge people, but there are still people and organizations that judge blacks. If we look at the Ku Klux Klan, which is an organization that hates blacks, they do not show the closest kind of charity and show no form of equality between white and black. So to round off I will probably come to the conclusion that we here in Denmark and just the general world are not quite good at showing equality and charity, but we aim for it and it is important and it is important that we keep on to fight for equality and rights.

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