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Civil rights movement

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Background of the event and.... Civil Rights Movement also called the Afro-American civil rights movement or just the American civil rights movement worked in the U.S. between 1955 and 1968, with obtaining the U.S. black population equal civil rights on par with whites. Movement's most senior priest was pastor Martin Luther King. The black people got to vote, but many could not vote because of the American system, where you must be registered as voters. If a black citizen wished to be counted, he was often subjected to racial discrimination. The black people did not have political power in the country. In the South, which had lost the Civil War, there were many places schools only for white children and schools only for black children. The white people had more money and more political power than the black citizens, they were white children a far better education than black children. This separation also took place in waiting rooms, train or bus if a white citizen got into a public transport and he could not find a place to sit, were all black stand up and offer him his seat. Additionally, blacks and whites remained separate in waiting rooms, buses and trains. If a white could not find a seat in a public transport was all colored in a row of seats to stand up for him so he could hand down without having a black beside her, it was also in restaurants, parks and hotels where the best were often reserved for white citizens. English Report The Civil Rights Movement.24. november 2010 Significance... The Civil Rights Movement is one of the defining moments of our time. As a citizen of the world, every basic individual is entitled to the basic rights of humanity. Freedom of the Speech, freedom, race, gender, nationality or religion. Civil rights are usually protected by governments, although as we know; only recently has this been the case in certain countries. This movement is America to bring about equality for black people, equal to the conditions of the white. It was a big battle and some people would say, that the battle

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