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2 A story to be told, the scottish castle

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2 A story to be told The Scottish castle It was in the summer of 1769! She was sitting in her room in the highest place of the tower. It was quiet and there was nothing to do. She was sure that it was too late now. Her parents had locked the door so she couldn't come down from her tower. She walked over to her soft bed that was covered with the finest silk, and sat on the edge of the bed. She closed her eyes at thought back at the time where it all started She was on the market with her father and mother. They were just about to find another fine horse to their stable, when he came out from the crowd. He had the finest long black hair she had ever seen, and the most beautiful shining blue eyes that could be mistaken from precious pearls. His skin was soft and without even a little shadow of a zit. He catches her eyes and gave a little gleam as a sign as he also saw her. Not just the outside her that was dressed op with a long skirt and a corsage that was making her seem skinnier than normal. No. he saw directly in her grey eyes and longer inside to her soul. She felt choked. Something was touching inside her. It felt like some kind of animal had lay an egg directly in her guts, and the animal was just waiting to break free and taking over her. She took her eyes of him just in a short second and stares over to her mother and father. They were negotiating about the price for the beautiful Frisian horse they found. My father's face was hard as stone. He always gets his will in the last end, and my mother? She is just there. I looked back after the stunning stranger, but he was already gone. Later in the night when they got the Frisian transported home to their castle, she sat on her room and combed her long black hair. It was soft and shiny as always. Her mother came quiet up to her and sat on the edge of her bed right beside her. She asked her short "whom shall I marry" and the mother replied "tho only wish you the best." She moved away from her bed and down stairs again. She closed her eyes and saw the mysterious stranger again in her inside eyes. She woke up because a strange feeling hit her right in the heart. It was a pain and a pleasure at the same time. She made her way to the window where she saw him again. He was standing behind a bush and looked her right in my eyes again. The beast was moving inside. He waved with his hand as a hint that where saying she should come down from her tower. She turned away from the window and sneaked all the way down the stairs and out from the castle. She saw him just standing there and now she couldn't control her anymore. The beast was alive. She walked fast over to him and pushed him into the stone wall behind him as their lips meet. Something wet was trickling over her hands and she opened her eyes and realized that I was blood. He was no longer breathing because of her. Unfortunately she must have pushed him too hard into the wall. So now she had killed him. Over her lips the words "I never saw the like of you" formed its way. So here she's sitting in her room, and soon she will be executed for murder. "She's an ill bird that fouls its own nest."

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