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Hooliganism Re: To the letter "Hooliganism at local football match" Dear editor of City Gazette. I will write some few comments to the letter that was posted last week. First I want to say that I was there at the match with some friends, and I saw it all. It was definitely not a good experience, either for me or any of the spectators. Suddenly, I saw about 20 people starting to burn flags, yelling and screaming at once. At that time, I got very choked and worried for the spectators around them. Fortunately, I was so far from them, that they couldn't hurt me, but still close enough to see it all. I saw guards around them trying to stop it, without luck. When they first started to throw bottles and other things, that could hurt the players, the match had to be stopped. Afterwards, there was a big street fight, and around 25 people were arrested. Actually a man and his son got hurt by the burning flags, and they were driven to the hospital immediately. The man is one of my good friends, and they are now about to get better, and they only got some wounds from the fire. The hooligans are hurting other innocent people, and I don't see any reason to act like that during a match. I know they are getting obsessed with a match, but I still don't think, that they should throw things into the pitch and burn flags, which are all things that not only goes beyond themselves but also others. I think the police should have been there earlier so they could see it all, and get it stopped before it went to violently. I have to agree that something has to be done about this violence. Its okay to root for a team and being obsessed by the match, as the most people are, as long as its not going to go further. I think the guards must pay more attention to the spectators, and be aware of what's happening among them. Maybe it will be a good idea to have the police around at the big matches to observe the audience, and to check them for weapons and other dangerous things. The audience will probably behave better, when they know there are a police around them.

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