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Drinking culture denmark

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Agenda I will go through these 5 things. Introduction, general info, Denmark vs the USA, why is our drinking culture so bad? And effect on our society. Introduction In Denmark, we have a very dangerous and poor drinking culture, especially among young people. Many studies show that we place ourselves as a country far down in relation to how many items we drink and how often we drink. And that's compared to the rest of Europe. That's very disappointing because we are one of the and healthiest luckiest nations in the world. General info Our age limit for buying alcohol is 16 years for lighter items. Compared to other countries, alcohol is also readily available, with the help of being able to reach it 24 hours a day and the prices are also very low. Even though there is this age limit, doesn't make it impossible to buy alcohol for people above 16 years. Many places don't ask for identification, which is a huge problem. What can I legally buy as 16 years old in Denmark and USA? I made this figure to show what you can buy in Denmark and what you can buy in the USA. There is a huge difference between the two countries. In Denmark, you can buy enough to get wasted and in the USA you can't buy anything. And as I said before it's what you can buy legally. I think there is a lot of places in the US where you can buy it illegally. Why is our drinking culture so bad? This may be because many young people particularly feel pressured to drink to be part of the community and to be accepted. It may also have to do with our culture. An example can be for birthdays. The birthday kid has to take a shot for each year, while Tommy Seebach is playing in the background. It's kind of a tradition nowadays, and people from other countries seem shocked when they see or hear about this.

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