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Uploadet: 24/02/2020
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Imagine moving a mechanical arm by just thinking about it or playing video game using only your mind. All through it may seem like science fiction, scientists and engineers have been developing this technology for decades. But why do we want to develop this technology is there any reason why we want to learn so much about the brain? Is just to know the difference between the human body and the new AI's body. Already know that you want to produce robots that have the same ability to use the brain as humans have. To demonstrate how this new technology works. Rao and his team of students use at BCI that allows them to study nonverbal communication. why do we even have to study how nonverbal communication works in the brain first of all we got to know how the neurons work in the brain and when they did their demonstration their brain activity were measured by an EEG cap. The computer interprets this signal and moves the cursor in the direction “yes” or “no” after response even though the EGG cap isn't the only way to measure brain activity it was the method, they used to measure the frequency of the brain activity. So, making this demonstration shows how the brain technically works without even being that precisely, but using an electrocorticography gives a clearer signal and more precise information. It just has to get surgically placed directly on the surface of the brain unlikely the EEG cab which is put on top of the head and ready to measure different frequencies in the brain.

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