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Child labour

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“Indian 'slave' children found making low-cost clothes destined for Gap” the tittle says it all. Of course kids shouldn’t be working at a factory, and defiantly not 10 year olds. Nobody deserves to be doomed to hours of unwaged work, just because of their social placement in society. If you are so poor that you need to work at an age of 10, then the world has become to a place, where the better-off just close its eyes on the ones who are not well. We all should open our eyes, and confirm both to ourselves and the world that a day full of threats and beatings isn’t a life anyone should be living. Like professor Sheotaj Singh said in the text, a place like India offers the world’s cheapest labour. And yes it is kind of sad. It is among the worst sweatshops ever to taint the human conscience. And like the professor says, it is the key thing. But where is the limit? The thing that makes us see red? I would say Child labor is a problem when the kids are working too much, and it prevents them from being healthy or go to school. And everything Gap is doing, hiring those kids, and gives them such a lousy salary, well... That is wrong and unethical on so many different levels.

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