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My Christmas blog: Hi, friends! So, my Christmas is good, we eat, open presents, sing Christmas songs, dance around the Christmas tree, watch Christmas movies, make Christmas decorations and so much more. But sometimes I think It is a little bit overrated. Last year, I used all my spare time to make presents, it took a lot of effort and it stressed me a lot. I also used a lot of money. For this year, I don't even think I can make all my presents for this year's Christmas. I think many people can relate to that. On Christmas we are overspending too much money, we gain a lot more weight and we get really stressed. But there are also people that don’t celebrate Christmas. Of course, there are good things about Christmas, we spend time with our family or our friends, and overall just the Christmas spirit is nice. I think all get stressed because all people want to give a good present to each other. I think the way we could change that, is to not care of what presents we are going to get for Christmas. People also eat a lot of food, and I think they do that because the food taste so good. I also eat a lot last year. All the food cost many monies too. Because Christmas is so expensive, I think that it is hard for the people in the lover class celebrate Christmas in the same way. I also think that some people are lucky to not have to spend Christmas. Like all the people that believe in something else. I think that such good time of the year, shouldn’t be ruined by all the moneys we have to use on Christmas. I also think that people can get greedy and be very sad if they here that someone got more presents than them. I know that for young children Christmas is the best time of the year, and I thought that too. I still think that. But then, we didn’t even think about how much money our parents spent on Christmas. If I could change something about Christmas, it would for sure be that people could buy a little lesser of presents and just enjoy the Christmas time. I think that people get too greedy on Christmas. I would do that because people wouldn't have to spend that much money on presents, food and the Christmas tree. People would focus more on the Christmas spirit and the family. Overall, I think that Christmas is too overrated and that we spend too many monies on Christmas. I know that it is cosy and all of that, but sometimes It is still too overrated.

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