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Fag: Engelsk
Uploadet: 06/01/2011
Klassetrin:10. klasse
Antal sider:2
Downloadet: 24 gange
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Skribentens beskrivelse af Back on Track
Back on Track It all started when I was 12. At that moment my brother, Toby, was 16. I remember how scared I always was when Dad and Toby had a fight. One day my brother came earlier home from school, and Dad asked; "why are you coming home now?" My brother didn't answer and Dad started yelling. He knew that Toby was cutting classes. Toby didn't care, he always just went upstairs to his room, and we didn't see him for the rest of the day. A week or something after that, the police came and knocked on the door. I opened it and I almost started crying. Toby was with them, and two other guys from Toby's class. Dad came and told me to stay inside the house, while he was going outside, to talk with the police and the boys. When Dad and Toby came inside again I was hiding in the closet to hear what they were talking about. Dad yelled something like; "so now you're stealing too! These boys are not a good company for you! How many times do I have to say that to you?" And again, Toby didn't answer our dad. After their fight, or let's just say Dad's yelling, Toby went to his room and Dad started crying, he didn't know I heard it. I actually don't think he wanted me to know anything about Toby's problems. I went to my room, inside, I also started crying. I wanted to stop this, but it was only getting worse! Toby's school was calling Dad one day; they asked if Toby was still a student there, because he hasn't been there for a while. Dad tried to call Toby, but no one answered. I think I knew where he was, so I went out looking for him. I heard him speaking in the phone last night; he said something about the skater hall, so I tried to go there first. Lucky for me he was there. He sat in one of the corners with a lot of boys, SMOKING! I didn't know he was started smoking. And especially Dad wouldn't like that. When he saw me he went over to me and asked; what I was doing there. I told him that the school has called and that I wanted to talk with him. We went outside the skate hall, and I told him how sad Dad was,

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