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The American Dream

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Many people from around the world have gone to America in search of “The American Dream”. Some have succeeded, but more than you can count has failed. If you succeeded I believe that you are very talented and have a skill that only you have. Every day you hear or read about people that want to get rich and famous quick so they move to America and dreaming about getting rich and famous overnight. But the next day they realized that it’s going to be much tougher than he or she have ever imaged. And if you don’t have that skill or talent or is willing to work hard for your dream you are not going to succeed. An example is Arnold Schwarzenegger he was a little boy from Australia and he wanted to be best bodybuilder in the word. Arnold was willing to do everything to make his dream into reality. And that’s the problems in America everyone has a big dream but only a few is willing to do everything for their dream.

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