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Uploadet: 20/11/2015
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Skribentens beskrivelse af Body Ideals
1. Why did I choose this topic? I choose this topic because I think it’s interesting and important. I don’t think we are illuminated enough on this topic, also because we often don’t notice boy’s insecurity about their body ideals. It’s also a topic that is close to me, because of my friends, my family and my own insecurity. 2. Medias influence on body ideals Yes, the social media affect adolescents because; many girls and boys feel that they always have to be camera ready. And some fell that they want to go with the trend. So if your idols or the cool kids post a selfie of them training, you want to be as fit and toned as them. Before the social medias oc-currence the girls only got stressed for the bikini season every spring, when the bathing suit maga-zines hit the stands. But now it’s all year for some girls, because they see fit and skinny girls on Instagram, Facebook and twitter and many other medias. Hot or not and+ tinder are also a good example on the new pressure from the surroundings. It’s an app that you put pictures off yourself up, and get people to rate you. A lot get a bad self-confidence because they got a bad rating.

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