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Right time to fly

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Uploadet: 08/06/2017
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Skribentens beskrivelse af Right time to fly
The Right Time to Fly Have you ever felt, that your job is wrong for you? Do you think a career shift is too late? The protagonist Marcus in this short story experience both feelings, but mostly because of the influence inflicted by a woman called Suzy. The same woman is also the reason, why Marcus gets a new view of the world. This short story ?The Right Time to Fly? is written by Shirley Golden, who is a young American author, living in the UK. The settings of this short story takes place in a landfill, which in Marcus eyes it is a rather hopeless place. Suzy has quite a different view of the landfill, she believes it is a matter of perspective. She finds beauty even in waste, where other peoples would just see some old junk, as seen in the following quote: (??Look.? She points to the side of the heap. Wires spiral like springs from a broken clock. Imbedded in the tangle is a radiator halffolded, its corners point towards the sky. ?It?s like a pair of wings, waiting for release, for the right time to fly,? she says.? (page 11, line 112-115)).

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