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Couch surfing is a great opportunity to experience countries from a different angle, get a peek behind the tourist scene and can go a little deeper to connect with a destination, and a good host will provide a better understanding of the place you are visiting. Unlike Airbnb, you do not pay to stay in someone's home, and most couchsurfers "repay" their hosts with fun interactions and potential friendships. Your host will often know the hidden hotspots and can offer money-saving advice for insider sights and activities. You will learn about scams to avoid and where to find the best food in town away from the tourist traps. As a student I have not got that much money, which means I have not got a lot of possibilities. I have always dreamt about going to Australian, but that dream has always been unreachable, until I was introduced to couchsurfing. I am glad I have the opportunity to explore the world and new cultures, while spending few moneys.

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