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Analytical essay “Jesse” In this essay, I will make an analysis of the text “Jesse”. I will go into some different points in the analysis for example narrator, point of view, characterization of the main character, settings and the main themes in the story. The story is about how blacks and whites interacted. Throughout the story, one follows the protagonist's life. In the novel you get different perceptions of life. It allows us to know how the development of how her appreciation is in the short story. We will also follow her social development as well as how she is doing in the community. The narrator used in the story is a 1-person narrator. This means that the story is told as "I" and we hear the whole story from the "I" - narrator's point of view as it is her feelings and senses we read. The story is told over many years. In the beginning was the main character. The short story is short, and we get a lot of information over many years. The short story takes place in the US state of Aramba. During that period, there were major problems with racism, but during that time there was an expected comparison with racisme. The racial disparities were disbanded and more blacks became important to society. In the end of the story the girl has a Phone, so the texts are approximately over 25 years. The story is mostly told in the family’s house and at the mill there the father is working. The family does not look like a very poor family. The father works a lot, the mother has to be home and do the practical things. The main character goes to school, also means that the family has money to spend for things other than just food and things for themselves. Close to their house there is a mill. This is where the girl and Jesse talk and have some lovely moments. The setting in the story is described as some lovely and warm days in the sun. In history, it sounds like history takes place in the countryside. The main character in the story is the girl. The girl has two parents who both died at an early age. The girl rushed to talk to a guy named Jesse. Jesse was one who worked for the father. The girl's grandmother didn't have much left for Jesse. She was against blacks, thereby telling the girl very badly about him and how black people were behaving towards white people. She mostly saw the blacks as slaves. did a lot to scare the girl away from him, even though she really thought he was very sweet. The father, on the other hand, is very different. He treated Jesse with respect. The main character ended up talking to Jesse, which changed her view of black people. She affirmed to herself that her grandmother was wrong and that there was nothing wrong with being black. Jesse played a big role in the protagonist's life. Later in the novel, the main character also becomes pregnant, where she chooses to call her newborn son Jesse, following the role he played for her in her childhood. The connection between the title and the novel was told through the important person Jesse. That's what the Jesse short story is all about. Jesse plays a big role in the main character’s life. The father works a lot throughout the story, and that causes the main character to replace Jesse. The main character thereby becomes happy and feels that she has something around her. The theme of the novel is what citizens could do to get their opinion about their attitude towards the racial. At that time, they were white people who were the governing community. However, this had to change quickly, as the short story was written during the period of major upheaval. At that time, the black people experienced several different calls, which meant that something had to be done about it. In those years, blacks began to have a better and more normal life. The short story began to show how society changed and how the outcome changed for the blacks. In the novel, words like "nigger" were used to show that black people have not always had it easy and have been counted down. The novel lasts for over 25 years, which means that a lot has happened in society in relation to the blacks and whites. The message in the text is that there have been major differences in skin color. The message is also how the whites have treated the blacks. In the text, they point out that something needs to be done and that there is nothing wrong with blacks. The main character has a different view of black people, who are also burdens spread to all other people. Not only should they be seen as slaves and cheap labor, but they should be seen as ordinary people.

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