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Child labor

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Child Labor Child labor, what is child labor? Child labor is if children under 18 years, who work so much they can't keep up in school. It is if they are lucky. Many of the children, who work don't even go to school. But why? There can both be thought for an against child labor. Some people mean child labor is a bad thing, while others think it is okay. Example UNICEFF. They mean child labor must not affect the school or health. while others mean they must support their families. There are a lot of thoughts about child labor, and this was just the obvious ones. There are a lot more, both pros and cons. Some pros could be, that they see the real world. And if they example works at a fashion company, they can make their clothes, and wouldn't have to buy some new. Also, their parents don't need to has a grandma, or someone else to look after them. but there are not only good things, also some bad things. Like some places they get abused by the adults. And they beat them if they don't do their job good enough, or if they take a break or something like that. Another negative thing is, some of them will get a work-related injury. And would not be capable of work, when they get older. And last, they wouldn't even have a childhood, or time to be kids and play around with each other or a ball. This topic is a lot of people against. Most of all because it is bad for the children. But it is also a big discussion. Because a lot of brands use child labor and don't care about it. Most of the people who buy the brand, properly don't know it was made by children. If we take Louis Vuitton as an example. People want Louie Vuitton bags because they are expensive and made of leather. And inside it there stands, made in France. But what if their stood, made of children. Would you then still buy it? To conduct this, is child labor bad for children also even when they get to maintain their family. which properly is the only reason they do it. It is properly not because they don't want an education. But because they have to work to maintain their family to survive. So next time we buy something we should think twice. Because it could be made by a little child.

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