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Grafiti writers strike again

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Uploadet: 07/03/2010
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Skribentens beskrivelse af Grafiti writers strike again
dette er starten af stilen, fortæller en del om stilen, håber du kan bruge det :P Jahio were at the age of 15. He lived home with his mom and dad, or at least he used to, because right now he were running away from everything. He sat alone on the street. Looking back at the road he came from, remembering how his drunken dad had thrown things after him, while his mom had laugh. His face were almost glowing red, the anger filled him. There were no doubt, he didn’t want to go back home. Not if that was his home. He started walking, without knowing were he was heading. It was a cold night, and the streets were not a friendly place to be at, in the winter. There were always stories about children who ran away from home, and were found frozen and death the next morning. The idea that he might be one of those kids within hours scared him. But he refused to go home, that was what his parents expected of him. If he knew them right, his mom were probably wondering where he was, and why he hadn’t come home yet, while his dad wouldn’t care if he saw his own boy again.

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