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Skribentens beskrivelse af Gandhi
Description of Gandhi Gandhi was a quick, peacefully, man we ever had hearth about in the history. He was frank, reasonable and courageous (kourages)while he starts a battle alone without being dependent of someone else. We think absolutely that he start a revolution, and a fight against discrimination. We believe that he leave the world as a proud man, while his dream came true. In our opinion was it not every single man who could start a revolution. Gandhi succeeded because of his personality. He was humble and kind cause he was compassionate and caring, especially for young peoples. Most of the peoples believe in him, he was reliable. He was unbiased when he said; I am Muslim, I am Christian, I am Jews, I am Sikkim and I am Hindu, we all can live together without problems. With these wise words, we see that he had a very tolerant and gentle character. It should be mentioned that he was brave and fearless” Mahatma “the name was giving to him by his followers. That means “great soul”. He fights for justice who controls over all in the world, and desire for peace. If we just take a moment, and look at his outlook, we can tell you that he was a culturally person, while he sewed her own clothes. That shows us, how independent person, that don’t care about his position, he was. In the start at movie we saw him as an English British man, who was well dressed and wore a habit. He had made a name for himself as a lawyer. He eventually changes many things, about himself when he returns to India. Gandhi begins wearing a “loincloth”, which was a symbolic of his attachment to the people. He wants to get attention of the normal people, and want them to understand that he was on their side. Gandhi gains trust from the entire country and world.

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