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Hey guys and girls out there, we are back at it again with an interview. This time we talked with the inspiring Joel Davis. How was your childhood? “My childhood was tough, I was borned in the year of 1995 in Islington in London. My family did not have that much money. My mother was sick so, I needed to take care of her. My dad was not that much home. My role model when I was younger and he still is today, that is my grandfather. The reason he is my role model is that he is a fighter. He had nothing but he did not gave up he fought, for the things he wanted in life. In school I struggled with reading and didn’t get any help from my teachers but I also think that made me who I am today. That is also one of the reasons I started that tutoring service, that I got nominated because of.” How did you get the idea about tutoring service? “ I got the idea from my own childhood, there was no one to help. So I thought that there must be someone like I was, that wished for that help but couldn't get it. I’m happy that i could help other poor children, to achieve something better, and get higher grades. I am aswell happy to see that other people are copying my idea and help others. My impression of Joel Davis. I have now spent a whole day with Mr. Joel Davis, and it is unbelievable how nice this man is. He is always smiling, to everyone we passed through. Mr. Joel Davis could be the perfect role model, because he is not just smiling young man he is likewise inspiring. There is one thing i learned from Joel today and that’s, “never give up” no matter how hard thing gets, you just need to keep standing straight up. Because when things gets worst the next thing can only be better. So keep fighting guys and girls and never give up.

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